Wednesday, March 21, 2018

breaking and decoding Operation Jezebel

Understanding a spell

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I had a long talk with Pierre, its funny, ican tell him everything outside of the scope of my initial thoughts, and not only does a wonderful conversation develop, but i get a few wise practical applications to apply to the heart of thematter.

Sigh; its ok, i can water plant without any benefits.

He used a cute analogy about how he giveswater to these two doves that sit outside his window.

I like that. I like doves.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Life Lessons

I found you!!!

the bible says

the thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy;; and those three things are related

the bible

it has my name on it; PROTECTION; JOHN READ IT

so... i was reviewing the market research slide my competition for my future husband started creating on youtube after my last blog post in January.

Now i know she did it too look like she was a better marketer and business ally than me;; but;; i also realized the slides dont belong to her but the global research store and she could have simply screenshotted the info and uploaded it into powerpoint format and then uploaded it to youtube.

which; i realized was possible because that how i created my marketing slide for the 30 day spiritual makeover;;

so i decided to continue the SWOT i begun on her after finding her following my dude on twitter before he deleted the account; i also became more intrigued to follow her intention because she wants to gain his attention, but she has a fiancé;;


i mean;; being that he was in my immediate stream of influence,, to protect myself from disease incase he was sleeping with me and other girls i made sure to keep and eye on her for my SWOT analysis;


I realized she was following me too;; NOT ONLY FOLLOWING, but COPYING

like i think shes jealous about my true beauty and how it shows on SUNDAY when i ready myself for church;; for the last year SUNDAY is the one day i upload a photo of me looking my best;; slowly she started putting her Instagram on private;; copying my private Instagram status that i still uphold;; but she'd open her page with a new photo on sunday, about an hr after my post;

theres another girl too my ex has following me in the same matter;;

they all think im in the serious running;; cause the other girl deleted her facebook after i deleted mines and now too relies on Instagram; to reach JOHNS EYES

both of them intend to use witchcraft; the white girl is blatant with it; she posted her wallet after i made a post about my shopping spree and on it it mentions her witch status;

now the indian girl im more interested in because shes trying to win John with false image of wealth through makeup and her tits;

but;; look; she lives in Baltimore and purposefully travelled to two ocations in dc;; one after Johns business partner stated he was near a certain landmark during the summer;;

little does she know that when she showed up her solo photos hifing her relationship with her boyfriend;; that day; by the will of God; her boyfriend showed up to my restaurant; and then i knew;; there has to be a soul connection;;
some plot that im getting the early inclinations to research into for my protection;

so let me just mention frankly;; in studying this girl through my SWOT TACTIC

I found that she does covet my life and everything in it;; even though its not perfect;;

but you know its human natural to eventually display the leaning of our thoughts and heart;;

so when she suddenly started to display pictures of her with kids;; i thought;; shes doing this to influence his heart;; but not only that;; but got the idea after reviewing my pictures and videos with my nephew;

why else would suddenly;; this little niece and nephew she never made a priority in mentioning in their importance would become her profile and cover shots on social media;

sure she might love them but;; for the purposes of my SWOT analysis I HAVE TO NOTICE that my timeline has more reflection of that interest, and that hers came very recently;; after;; after i started moving my focus off of being superficially an ideal woman.

her choices reflect this dream i had; a ightmare really;; even once when i looked upon her i thought i recognized her spirit; she felt like a mistress;

infact even once when i saw she was jealous that i was fit and a personal trainer, she posted a photo in the gym; shes heavy;; hence the breast;; and my certainty that her preonset of diabetes makes her naturally crazy;; any her statement was i wish i was out trick or treating with SOMEONE ELSES kids;

and i thought;; hmm on this day i actually have access to kids;; 1;; 2 it reminded me of this vision i had of my future husband thinking i was boring because i had post partum depression and how i sensed he started an affair;; immediately i thought;; you know i know its just my imagination;; but everything about how this girl behaves lets me know shes willing to stay around in the shadows and come out when im down;;; I noted it BUT continued on my natural course;; knowing maybe just maybe this competitive tango may give me more STATISICAL EVIDENCE to assume; that maybe the HOLY SPIRIT was bracing me and protecting me;; MAYBE even giving me a second chance if you believe in physics and alternate reality theories

i mean what the mind can conceive;; can become;; and well WOMEN are known for jealousy;; and I ALREADY HAD A MODEL NAMED SHEILA outright sabatoge my career just studying my online social;; and she tried to still my identity and marketing spiel; which all three girls have done;; the indian girl wants to be a model;; we almost look alike but shes shorter and thick;; so then she went to trying to be a makeup expert;; which she could be doing cause shes also jealous of her friend who does work similar to what i do and even has the same name but spelt with a K; and has a child;; soo;;
research; at least i have it documented;; so my EX can go back and do his own SWOT and see if this agent is picking up on the trends im alerting you on;

google her name ::

first of all;; diabetes does cause mood disorders before you think im taking shots;

anyway her research choices;

i studied witchcraft of the internet as a teen and as a converted Christian let me just say the KNOWLEDGE set me up to understand chemical, herbal, and spiritual attacks;

and I lived and worked in NY; do you know how many NEW AGE SHOPS there are;; all the books are mixed in;; and being that i went to college and one of the classes offered was about that;; my ass was like; im not being taken for any sucker for any attack

so;; i know what to look for;;

even had a dream that told me to watch out for the Latina cooks at my job because they intend to mess with my food to make me short; and i was like is that even possible;; till i researched polio and the fecal oral relationship and ;; hmmm;; its a possibility;; fortunately im an athelete and trainer som; isn't it interesting i naturally have built up the physical defense to fight those;

so i was alarmed by her interest in AND of osteogenisis imperfect;; the disease sounds like a harry potter spell;; and she chose to screenshot and upload it;; with the sodium chloride;; SALT; used as a spell aid;;; go ahead and google it;; white women have left there spell books on GOOGLE and you only ned kitchen herbs;; wow

im a trainer;; im aware every second counts;; and ever input// output has a result;;

so... she looked up these white powders;; and my ex/ future husband does coke;; so these chemicals are at her disposal to trick him with;

im just saying;;; yall remember there was a perid in time the average European was willing to slowly kill you with posion;

and IM Nigerian American;; my mother warned me about some people intention to use voodoo; i went to afraica and a girl i didnt even know touched me on the street and when i asked our driver why she would do so; HE SAID; he was hoping to take something from me

; you have to pray against it;; but you have to protect yourself too; knowledge;;

and this crazy girl is carribean;; and

the attack of the baby; osteogenisis imperfect;; i have pretty impressive bone structure;; i know she studies my faced;; and my length;;; and considering how i can detect her social media instability could be spurned on by what she perceives as my advantage;; i have to pay attention to why she would focus on such;; with her niece as her profile pic and the high ponytail she is wearing in that pic with the little girl;; three days after i put my hair in a high ponytail;; and now;; thats your pic??

btw;; interesting enough;; the my entire personal training business ive been developing for the last 5 years is closer to physical therapy;; and guess what the treatment option is for osteo imperfect;; my work

So I pray to God on my cdestiny and my discipline;; i even thank my ex;; bec ause i may be about to beat the vision i has at 5 years old of dying during labor;; and the research i found and statistical historical and global focus of violence against women during the prenatal and labor;; in that vision i saw myself hemmorage out and i read that nurse;; women;; their jealousy knows no bounds at times;;

its been found men and women alike get jealous when you perform better, but women in particular get more aggressive if in addition of being effective you are attractive;; i have to wonder;;; the evil eye;; why do cultures all over the world seek to protect against it; and why weel watch this video
they talk about acid attacks;;

i mean;; im voicing that people hate so much that they culd and will seek to disfigure

i know its real;; i went to a club once;; and this Asian girl i guess she was so jealous that while i was dancing she left her table across the room to try with a pen;; to ACCORDING to her; WRITE on my Chest;; except i saw her coming; and have martial arts training so i grasped her wrist and nearly broke it;; standing taller above her too.

i recognize strategy and attack and have made it my business to; and just because that incident in 2014;; i should at leasdt think ahead that if a girl i dont know from across the room could try to come against me in my chest;; and even at times my own sister;; nevre underestimate just how much someones low self esteem could lead them to try to get you;

if that model Sheila from NY could leave NY while i was their and come to DC to work with my model team and try to make up things against me so that they would see her better;; then rush off to California beause that where i said i would go; after i refused to join her company called REVENGE;

i mean;; i must be aware even men in drag can tell by a look

i noticed something;; the video above i found after saying;; I will set a STANDARD AGAINST after finding her intent and;; well look the economic award has my name;; who knew