Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Beauty Trends You SHOULD Be Following

Fall is almost here and with SS 13 approaching and summer slowly wrapping up I just have to hare this with you.

1) Stretch your summer clothes into fall- Just because summer is here doesn't mean you have to put away your shorts and skirts. Pair them with tights and fall boots making your look chic and fun. Likewise your tank tops can still be worn into fall. Fall is all about layers and heres a perfect opportunity to pair your favorite summer top with a sweater. Remember your autumn colors.

2) Make-up- Fall is a great time to play with your make-up and ark and smokey looks really pop during this time of year. Colored eyeliner is great to- try purples, greens, dark blues, and copper colors this fall and opt for a purple lip- remember ladies you cant play bold eyes and lips together!

3) Accessorize- Its fall and theres no time like now to play up your look with bold statement pieces. Ladies don't skimp in this department better to get one winner than many maybes

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm back ladies and gents, sorry for being MIA. So I've been racking my head for the last two weeks about what you guys would want to learn first. Yes I could just wrote it anyway but I want to give you guys things that you need not things you already know for your self. Right now I'm thinking about doing and eyebrow article for the ladies because I've seen some serious shapes going on (you know what I mean I'm not being the ITCH right now). But then I though well come on you don't want women all over the place over doing their eyebrows trying to get the perfect shape, bring it in later. So I'm thinking summer pieces. What do you ladies think? Over course I could just get the urge to write something completely different but I want to hear from you. What do you want to learn this week?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HELLO, Mod Mag Manifesto Love Yourself and Others

I'm so excited to be posting my first post to you beautiful ladies.  I'm a woman just like everyone else and and for all intents and purposes you can call me Cleo (my real name is Crystal). Like every woman, I know I'm not flawless, however fashion, attitude, and self love go a long way in helping overcome those things I may not like. Beauty starts from the inside and creating a better exterior on the outside wont make you a perfect flawless person but it can allow others to know that you care and love yourself regardless of being less than perfect. What one woman gets in good genes doesn't make her less applicable to the rules and I believe that everyone should be appreciated. Fixing yourself up does not give you the right to attack what nature gave to another nor does being born with the ideal give you the right to tout or bad mouth what another does to make herself feel better. I'm hoping that we can all feel good in our own skins and take care of ourselves so that we all are beautiful inside and out. It makes a difference in how your treated by how you carry yourself, but how you carry yourself is likewise, determined by how you think and treat others. So heres MOD MAGS manifesto:
1) Treat yourself and others with love and respect
2) Know your strengths and weaknesses and strive to appreciate them both
3) Love yourself enough to put in the effort to be beautiful inside and out
4) Take care of your home and relationships without compromising your self worth
5) It doesnt hurt to play big so long as your filling shoes you can fit
6) I hope those shoes are Jimmy Choos
7) Work to find out who you are as you develop and how you can give back
8) Race doesnt define beauty
9)Perfection is a crap shot your not going to find that answer here
10) Be fair and kind to your fellow women
11)Educate yourself to be more than your external
12) But have fun with the external you because you only live ONCE