Sunday, April 12, 2015

Your Sisters Beauty - How and Why

I knew those spots meant something. I kept asking the doctors to see if there was something wrong in or near my womb and they said nothing. My intuition kept saying Crystal you have to catch whatever is wrong now. I kept telling them that the hyper pigmentation that formed on my lower belly had to mean something. That's how I got into skin care, and nutrition. I developed myofascial bars because the concoctions I'd make didn't sit on skin well by itself - at least the active ingredients that battled the issue- in fact in college I got fined for damaging the carpet with it. Well I like to use things I make everywhere so I realized it goes well to release knots that develop from habit or physical training. Working on how to make it lucrative- because I have to, to survive, and well I have a small family- just us three gals (and my sisters expanding family) so it's all on me. I started see great improvement in the area- hyperpigmentation I fought for over 8 years- the scars you can hardly see them thanks to the bars. I still knew there was something with the area- I'd get electric impulses if anyone but me but their hand near there - including my mother(I should clarify she has long nails and it only shocked when she said to forget about it)- except me -my ex- and this guy I dated last summer. I wanted to figure how to market some of my previous mixtures that I had created over the last 8 years that didn't solve my dual problem of pseudofollicutis and hyperpigmentation - and I had to do it with the tools I already had on hand. Turns out my ex was wrong about me, he said I bought things for their sake, I knew that wasn't true, but he had really gotten into my head during the 4 years I spent in NY, with all the ups and downs. I've been surviving for 7 months on the things I bought before I lost my job- all investments into my business and books to build my experience incase I didn't get a mentor or lost the internet. Both happened. Back to my discovery- I had created a multi-use skin detoxifier that I realized in addition to the bars and my current 0 income- I got change and brain at least, were the 2 of the 38 product line I created that I could mass produce and package. The bars with my results and various specialty formulas I was sure would sell themselves. The detoxer- nothing quite on the market like it- and it has to be packaged small. I found 4 crystals on Monday in a glass bird house I had found on the street back in September and left in the backseat of my car. I'd throw notes into it, on top of the leaves and fake bird that was already within it. Something said clear out, so I went to take the leaves out and found yellow roses underneath the leaves, I kept sifting surprised roses had been in there and found the crystals. I collect crystals. I like them, it's kinda a more mature hobby than when I use to collect rocks and stones as a child. Aww man, I was crazy about rocks!! I had a rock book I borrowed from the library that explained what the different types of rocks were, and how they formed. DC btw has the most beautiful rocks I've ever seen! I use to put them in this light brown Easter basket I decorated with a pink ribbon on top of the bookshelf my mom let me have and paint white. My aunt threw them out when I was 13 saying that women don't collect rocks.

Anyway the crystals, more mature - I still collect rocks. I wanted to see how I could market them with the detoxer. Then it struck me. I had already made crystal massagers for the breast- to the untrained eye it looks like a necklace. I thought in addition to marketing those, these crystals could be sold with the detoxers. And it would flow into use with the bars I made too. I wanted to test it out. I'm against false advertising- so I decided to try out my theory. Like everything I make- I started with my lower belly- and I found adhesions in my lower womb near the pubic bone. I had been learning about pelvic massage when I started developing the bars and had since then started applying the technique to the area. The bars were better than your own fingers, but the crystals took it to the next level. I needed to act. Aware of each ingredient I knew the detoxer could be used as a sitz bath and that with the right foods I could help my lymph cells work to alleviate the problem. And well here I am on Sunday. With 17 days to raise 12,000 to keep my roof, lights, and gas- and well to pull that off means I have a business to take care if myself and my family , who haven't seen me since August after which my financial situation started. And well my mom is up in age and she has such expectations for me- I'm the oldest and have always been the achiever, the model , her Hollywood (that's what she calls me), and she keeps asking when I'm going to give her grand kids . My sister is about to give her a third- and I always knew there was something wrong- especially when the chiropractor told me I had a torqued hip. So I have something - and some things to do, and that's how I came up with Your Sisters Beauty.