Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Cry me a river, you want a post, you want a post.

Well heres the thing. You'll be getting a special prize for patience. Me too! I'm so excited we can share this one!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ahh!!! Winter Skin

It's officially winter, although one could argue the case with the weather fluctuations. Can you say ; Global Warming? In most part, until we get the official call to expect 70 degree weather all January through March, I think it's safe to say we still need our winter beauty kit.

Cold weather, harsh winds, and cranked up thermostats really do a number in your skin during the winter, and unless you want to spend the whole season looking like a turnt up yetti you have to be willing to change it up and gloss it down.

Did I lose you?

Ok let's make it simple and talk moisture.

Moisturize, moisturize- the difference in what you use this season comes down to cream vs. lotion.
With the wind, moisture, and high heat temperatures creating a constant flux for your skin, you need something that is deeply penetrating and in many cases that means a cream. Look for one that contains either petroleum or dimithicone to prevent moisture lost. Not only that these two ingredients also allow skin to heal and repair itself. I'd recommend Nivea or Aquaphor.

Butters are great too, but I'll tell you more in my next post.

Chapstick - It never fails to amaze me just how vulnerable our lips are until I forget my Chapstick and five minutes into the cold my lips are peeling begging for some form or relief, and let me tell you something repairing your poorly bitten lips in an effort to mask the crinkles is not only painful , it ain't pretty. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake, put it on, bring it with you, put it on again. Plus, what if there's a specially someone who you'd like to plant one on? Let me tell you from experience in a long term relationship, you will get the funny look- possibly a kiss- and a smart alike remark. Avoid the fight and get the kiss- Chapstick

I personally hands down am in love with Burt's Bees and strongly recommend. Anything in a tube is good- but- Burt's Bees - it's simply wonderful!

Exfoliate- Everything!! Face, Body, Hands, Feet, and Lips. Use something with soft beads as to not cut the skin, or make your own with Sugar, honey, and oil. Warning: it can get messy. Use BEFORE you shower on DRY skin for best results. You'll thank me later when you see the difference. As for lips- toothbrush. Before you brush give your lips a nice brush. And after you've exfoliated- Moisturize everything!!!

Last but not least. To really make you skin glow. Bundle up. The less exposure to the elements the less damage to your skin, you can strip once your indoors. Won't that be a scene?

Hope you liked. Feel free to comment or make suggestions for my next posts. Oh I still have to tell you Ladies about AVON and Marked.

Quick preview: I'm hooked

Lots of Love,

Crystal O. Your model love

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Hate To Say It, but Honey You're In a TOXIC Relationship

At some point or the other you find yourself here; feeling trapped, tired, and needing a friend to coach you off your pity ledge. Honey, looks like to me you are suffering from a toxic relationship. Toxic relationships take many shapes and forms, and not all of them are people dependent.

I know many of you are scratching your heads on this one, how can you be in a toxic relationship without another person? Easy, it's called : TOXIC HABITS. Now I'm going to start with toxic habits because its an uncommon term used to describe a common phenomenon, feeling terrible after doing something. It can be anything, procrastinating, breaking your diet, saying yes, when you really meant no. The list goes on but the results are the same, you feel terrible afterwards, vent and make excuses for them, and then repeat the cycle, feeling frustrated and hopeless. I know, we've all been there.

Toxic habits stem from the same reasons we find ourselves in toxic relationships, for the most part 1) fear 2) there is some perk you get from engaging in it 3)comfort.

Not only do toxic habits and relationships cripple you from living a life you deserve to live, a more sinister repercussion than having a boo-hop story to tell people about why you are not living the life you want to live. I bet some of you smiled for that one- and that's another thing to consider,

Do you engage in this toxic behavior because it is easier for you to speak about when things are going bad for you in comparison to when things are going good?

Does the relationship or habit make you feel like you've accomplished something similar to one if your bigger goals? IE are you sidestepping maximizing your fullest potential because this relationship/habit is kinda like what you really want?

Regardless of the reason, you are selling yourself short, and making yourself miserable!

Yes, you are causing your own pain, and today you need to make a choice whether you want to sit in pain or live in joy.

The choice is yours.

I found myself writing this article because yesterday I wrote about New Years Resolutions and one of my questions what are your obstacles to accomplishing this goal and being honest with myself pointed out two glaring facts, that I tolerate a toxic relationship that I don't need nor like and that I've developed some toxic habits.

Trump it up to the cost of living, but staying in toxic circumstances can and are dangerous!!

The longer you endure a toxic circumstance the more you depreciate. That means your self-esteem, confidence, respect among peers, self - respect (self-esteem), and rational decision making process just hits the fan.

You can't do something that's bad for you without it doing bad to you.

I woke up this morning with stress knots, dealing with a person or a circumstance that if there was no previous investment, No I would not engage with this person or these habits.

Toxic habits and toxic relationships require two important things

1) saying NO - try it you might like it, actually, you might love it
Don't engage, if the person or situation hasn't changed with you saying yes and compromising - it's not going to change unless you keep saying NO.

And in my honest opinion, even if change happens, you should keep saying no. You don't need things in your life that you have to say no to often in order to be whole.

I'm pretty sure, you, like me, love to say YES.

So if this circumstance can only be resolved by saying no. Keep it at NO.

(Of course every situation is different so depending on your evaluation the answer can be SOMETIMES NO. For instance can I eat this pizza? Sure, sometimes, but the answer is usually NO.

2) Replace it- stretch your comfort zone, leave the pack, and your normal routine and find what feels good. And if you have a group of friends you usually share your toxic run downs with , don't include them in this activity.

This is about you and growth, not toxic enabling.

I guarantee your happiness will be short lived if you keep tying your feel good experiences to well meaning (I guess) people who continue to listen to your sap stories.

Think of it like this, mentally, you've assigned them to comfort/crying blanket.

Right now we are talking about growth and re-establishing personal accountability and strength.

They aren't bad per see, but you are leaning too much on them. So in this situation find new friends that you can share this experience with (you are not replacing your old ones). You are bringing in people who get to see the new you - without  this circumstance or person.

Here's why it works. Do you remember the summer break before school starts? That fresh feeling of I can become someone new, completely different than the year before?

Why do you think that happens? Could it be that you've given yourself permission to change because you aren't surrounded by people who expect you to stay the same?


We have work to do


Crystal O. ~ your model love

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Is All About The Journey

Ladies, its 2014 and I am so excited!!! Ok, I'm sure everyone has made some New Years Resolutions and it is still not too late. Heck, I'll admit I've only partially completed my resolutions and its already January 8! Late? Possibly, but I dont think so, you know why? Because the year is going to go as the year is going to go. Did you get that? I'll say it again.

The year is going to go as the year is going to go, and thats alright. Lets look at it like this- REFLECTION TIME!! 2013- how did it feel? I know some of you may not want to look back on to it because the year may not have went the way you wanted it to go, but wait,  there are some gems to be harvested if you want to make this year worthwhile. What didnt you like? Why? What did you have power and control over? Could you have changed anything pertaining certain unfavorable circumstances? The answers will vary from yes, no, and maybe; and thats ok, because you are here with a new year to RESOLVE to become better.

2013, personally was a mixed bag, and a lot of that had to do with baggage I was carrying from the previous year, and you know what I noticed during the last 2 months? That I had power not to change the circumstances that already happened but what I was going to do today and tomorrow.

Lets call it an action plan, and what I noticed is depending on your circumstances or your drama you have to baby step in whatever way is healing for you to make the big leap to your goal.


What is your biggest goal(s) for 2014?
 Write it down.
Where are you in comparison to this goal?
Write this down and be honest!
What are your obstacles concerning your current situation (ie. people, places, things)?
What power do you have concerning this situation?

Its important to realize where you do have power, or you will continuously fall into the trap of helplessness
Why do you want this?
In what way will accomplishing this make you better or happy?
How must you change and adapt to meet this goal?
If it hasnt been working, something has to change, dont get arrogant in your flaws, theres always room to grow

Who am I doing this for? Am I hoping to impress someone? Prove something to someone? Stick it to them?

Unless your goal comes from a genuine place of love and growth, you may as well expect another failure.

Hey its OK! You are loved and the option is always there!


What will I do once I accomplish this?

Happy 2014!

Crystal O. ~your model love