Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Is All About The Journey

Ladies, its 2014 and I am so excited!!! Ok, I'm sure everyone has made some New Years Resolutions and it is still not too late. Heck, I'll admit I've only partially completed my resolutions and its already January 8! Late? Possibly, but I dont think so, you know why? Because the year is going to go as the year is going to go. Did you get that? I'll say it again.

The year is going to go as the year is going to go, and thats alright. Lets look at it like this- REFLECTION TIME!! 2013- how did it feel? I know some of you may not want to look back on to it because the year may not have went the way you wanted it to go, but wait,  there are some gems to be harvested if you want to make this year worthwhile. What didnt you like? Why? What did you have power and control over? Could you have changed anything pertaining certain unfavorable circumstances? The answers will vary from yes, no, and maybe; and thats ok, because you are here with a new year to RESOLVE to become better.

2013, personally was a mixed bag, and a lot of that had to do with baggage I was carrying from the previous year, and you know what I noticed during the last 2 months? That I had power not to change the circumstances that already happened but what I was going to do today and tomorrow.

Lets call it an action plan, and what I noticed is depending on your circumstances or your drama you have to baby step in whatever way is healing for you to make the big leap to your goal.


What is your biggest goal(s) for 2014?
 Write it down.
Where are you in comparison to this goal?
Write this down and be honest!
What are your obstacles concerning your current situation (ie. people, places, things)?
What power do you have concerning this situation?

Its important to realize where you do have power, or you will continuously fall into the trap of helplessness
Why do you want this?
In what way will accomplishing this make you better or happy?
How must you change and adapt to meet this goal?
If it hasnt been working, something has to change, dont get arrogant in your flaws, theres always room to grow

Who am I doing this for? Am I hoping to impress someone? Prove something to someone? Stick it to them?

Unless your goal comes from a genuine place of love and growth, you may as well expect another failure.

Hey its OK! You are loved and the option is always there!


What will I do once I accomplish this?

Happy 2014!

Crystal O. ~your model love