Health and Fitness

So I'm starting my Health and Fitness column blog. In case this is your first introduction to me, in addition to being a model and business consultant, I'm also a personal trainer. Ive been training for over 9 years and its one of the main reasons that I'm so healthy, well shaped, and happy about my body. Ive worked for NYC gyms Equinox (Where Fitness is Life) and Crunch. I'm currently the head instructor of Body Whisper NYC a group and private based personal training program developed for individuals and corporations.

Although we've been open for over 3 years catering primarily to private clientle, we are proud to be fulfilling our vision at BODY WHISPER NYC to bring fitness to you online, through the web, in our classes for men and women (YOU MUST COME!) and our senior rehabilitation program. I look forward to sharing my skills and knowledge as I grow as a model, trainer, and even in my fitness- because fitness is a life journey not a short term fling. Im excited to be bringing the journey and advice and tips here to.

To be outspoken this is going to be a big year for all of us. Lets do it because Fitness Starts Here- Are YOU READY?