Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ahh!!! Winter Skin

It's officially winter, although one could argue the case with the weather fluctuations. Can you say ; Global Warming? In most part, until we get the official call to expect 70 degree weather all January through March, I think it's safe to say we still need our winter beauty kit.

Cold weather, harsh winds, and cranked up thermostats really do a number in your skin during the winter, and unless you want to spend the whole season looking like a turnt up yetti you have to be willing to change it up and gloss it down.

Did I lose you?

Ok let's make it simple and talk moisture.

Moisturize, moisturize- the difference in what you use this season comes down to cream vs. lotion.
With the wind, moisture, and high heat temperatures creating a constant flux for your skin, you need something that is deeply penetrating and in many cases that means a cream. Look for one that contains either petroleum or dimithicone to prevent moisture lost. Not only that these two ingredients also allow skin to heal and repair itself. I'd recommend Nivea or Aquaphor.

Butters are great too, but I'll tell you more in my next post.

Chapstick - It never fails to amaze me just how vulnerable our lips are until I forget my Chapstick and five minutes into the cold my lips are peeling begging for some form or relief, and let me tell you something repairing your poorly bitten lips in an effort to mask the crinkles is not only painful , it ain't pretty. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake, put it on, bring it with you, put it on again. Plus, what if there's a specially someone who you'd like to plant one on? Let me tell you from experience in a long term relationship, you will get the funny look- possibly a kiss- and a smart alike remark. Avoid the fight and get the kiss- Chapstick

I personally hands down am in love with Burt's Bees and strongly recommend. Anything in a tube is good- but- Burt's Bees - it's simply wonderful!

Exfoliate- Everything!! Face, Body, Hands, Feet, and Lips. Use something with soft beads as to not cut the skin, or make your own with Sugar, honey, and oil. Warning: it can get messy. Use BEFORE you shower on DRY skin for best results. You'll thank me later when you see the difference. As for lips- toothbrush. Before you brush give your lips a nice brush. And after you've exfoliated- Moisturize everything!!!

Last but not least. To really make you skin glow. Bundle up. The less exposure to the elements the less damage to your skin, you can strip once your indoors. Won't that be a scene?

Hope you liked. Feel free to comment or make suggestions for my next posts. Oh I still have to tell you Ladies about AVON and Marked.

Quick preview: I'm hooked

Lots of Love,

Crystal O. Your model love