Monday, November 17, 2014

For You One Thousand

If I could speak a thousand words I'd speak them just for you If I could love a thousand ways I'd love them all for you It doesnt matter how or when A thousand would surely do A thousand more, one thousand more I'd do them all for you
One more.... A promise, is a promise, is a promise speak one word, I promise Promise to hold you, cherish you Make right you wrongs, make good your bad But promise Promise me my soul wont die for keeping it in your hands Yes, my soul that belongs to no one but God But I promised Him, you werent bad I promised him to love you right He made me promise to return to the Promised Land I promised him I wont come back, without my other hand So a promise is a promise, I hope you understand I promised to bring my right hand back You promised we'd both return to DAD Poems by Crystal Okorie Model: Crystal Okorie Photographer: Justin Walters