Monday, February 23, 2015

Ok- I'm in trouble

This morning, was unlike any other. Or perhaps it was but I felt it most intensely because I longed for a resolution at it's very inception. I've been keeping to myself for the most part. A bit to much of the heavy side of life- but believe me I've given 110 to being cheerful. Which is why today was unlike the other days, but not quite. I had taken it upon myself to wake early to meet with an attorney and upon second thoughts determined any day but Monday for such matters. Again feeling the heavy side of life- I went for cheese. Question? As you read this- do you hear a British accent?? Cool- I figure it lightens the heavy . Hahahahaha I've been doing this thing where you define your projected outcomes. I wish I'd done it sooner or else I wouldn't need an attorney. And a large sum of money- please tell me that in this life I can rely on the goodness and godliness in people's hearts to lean towards charity just this once to save me. Seriously, I don't know how I got here- no worries - in such cases I highly recommend backtracking and a dictionary . Seriously So I will be doing a lot of that from preventing such a matter from happening again and kindly and formally informing friends and family that I need assistance in getting $10,000 in my gofund me by Saturday before a case on Monday or... I'm in trouble Look- I guarantee you- should I make it- you're going to really love me To us all that make mistakes - backtracking- humbling begging- and a dictionary