Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Little Compassion- an ODD Benefactor

Day 2: where’s my phone? And where’s the charger to the second one? And why doesn’t my Google talk work anymore? And whys Facebook acting up- :sign: I bet I find everything I need to make the phone without the Internet function. There was this huge bug in my tub this morning!!! I went into the bathroom and started to freak out- mentally- cause if I screamed I was afraid it would get out. Then I realized poor big/little thing couldn’t get out. I took an oil bath last night so the tub was slick. Btw, you should feel my skin. I’ve been using these new YSB products to exfoliate my skin, even out uneven skin tone, get rid of these stubborn scars I’ve had for over 5 years, remove stretch marks from my teen years from my rapid growth spurts, slow body hair growth, and they have these bars that do everything from increasing cervix and ovarian health- improve breast, health, size, tone and texture, and more!!! I was freaking out because while I was using the bar on my breast I found a lump- but I kept massaging and squeezing because I read that squeezing and massaging helps the cells in breast tissue re-regulate themselves. That’s another post. I'm sure to have it checked out once I change my primary health through this new insurance program, because I don’t like these NY doctors, by far the worst treatment I’ve received- especially in emergencies. Fortunately, my primary care doctor from Georgetown Hospital (the best) and her husband have transferred to NY and he and she are one of the heads of the NYU medical department at the university and doctors available by my insurance (both were heads at Georgetown too and her husband is a neurosurgeon). You know I'm going to keep it real with you guys, tangents and all- so I kept massaging this tissue lump- in hopes of regulation, and well- if they are going to flatten these babies under those metal plates to search for abnormalities, better for me to one prepare my B cup babies and two)- these bars with continued use are supposed to increase breast collagen (no saggy titties thank you). Where was I? Oh- That freaking- GIGANTIC BuG!!! Stuck in the tub this morning thanks to Joel Osteen Ministries bath last night. That’s what I’m going to start calling them. The baths where I sit for more than an hr listening to ministries on a device- FAR!! FAR! from the tub. I’m saying this now- if anything happens to me in a tub- it’s a setup!! Just saying since Whitney Houston and people are being massacred in tubs. Then again with all the products I use in one sitting- I got a fighting chance of getting someone in the eye- or pulling someone in- lol- there will be blood. So with the little bugger stuck in the stub as I watched for 5 minutes, I figured I could still use the toilet before I figure out what to do to him. As I sat watching the thing from the toilet I remembered that squishing bugs will leave a DNA scent mark that will attract more of their family- no I definitely didn’t want that. After a while as I sat from the toilet and watched this huge (you guys!! I’ve only seen bugs like that in movies- is this a NY thing?!), the little guy started to look cute. Cute, but still had to go. I figured I could catch him and release him. I save a lot of screw top glass jars so I’m sure he could have fit into one, I reasoned. I used the bathroom, washed my hands, and quickly put on a shirt, and some shoes. I found a jar and it didn’t quite work as I imagined. I was hoping for some Snow White / Cinderella, “ok little guy, into the jar” action. No - he started spazzing as soon as the jar came down and I didn’t want to fall into the tub and squish him, and Lord knows the shriek my neighbors would have heard this morning if that happened or if he climbed up my arm. Equipped with my cherry jar I grabbed some tissue and stepped into the tub. He's freaking out, and I’m praying he doesn’t get smart and climb up my leg. I’m quick I scoop him with the tissue- and I thought I killed him because I saw something rub off on the tissue which I lightly topped into the jar with him so he wouldn’t get out while I screwed the top on. He was ok. And I felt a little bad for the guy; because I was sure no one would want them in their home either. Which is interesting because they are the longest living species in the world- alive since the dinosaurs, and a part of the beetle family. Which technically make them related to lady bugs- which are a symbol of immortality, rebirth, blessed for love and luck. Yeah- yeah- yeah this thing has to go. I had imagined leaving it at the nearby school playground, but on second thought, they are doing renovations and the doors are wide open. BAD IDEA. So I walked 5 blocks because everything was residential, I found myself across the street from the local library standing in front of a garden with clean looking trash cans accessible to the sidewalk. It was the best that I could do- there was an apartment nearby- but look- this is NY, I tried. So I raised the little glass up to see if he was still moving, lifted up the trash lid, unscrewed the top and pushed the tissue off to the side and dropped everything in. That’s it. My random morning on ST. Patrick’s Day where I had a dream of not wanting to be a bartender because I didn’t want to poison the people and wanted to be among them or making health spritzers instead, while being a developing Supermodel. I was sitting at the back of an agency bus with the 16 year old models getting glimpses of the women they were going to develop into and being goaded by the agents that I wasn’t allowed to get a shot unless I developed them with me (Pretty much they weren’t developing me unless I played big sister). The nerve!!- NEXT..... Models