Friday, March 27, 2015

Grateful For The Little Things

Often it i shard to remain positive for the things presented to us in the future. Like many people, you can relate to, setbacks and unwanted circumstances happen. I come from a realist family upbringing, which most would say borderlines pessimissim, and despite that I managed to have a ridiculously optimistic outlook on life. Dont get me wrong- I have my negative nancy- look at the facts days, but there have been some very trying moments in my life where I have found myself with my back against the wall and all I could think is, 'it will literally take a miracle'. Waiting for a miracle is hard. I think that it takes making it through your first 'I am Aware' miracle for you to really start to expect them. Once you do my friend- it becomes a whole different ball game. Do you rely on miracles? Does that mean you do nothing?

Miracles are funny because its when you need them that you have to rely on them, so I would argue yes, you must rely on them. In fact the whole concept of a miracle relies on faith, belief, and trust. Which is another way of saying- no fence sitting. I think one of the biggest reasons people don't believe in miracles is because they have been conditioned to expect a certain result. You have your back against the wall and you need something to save you and all of your efforts although well spent- isnt enough. Its very easy to fantasize about how the miracle will come. What I've learned in the last 7 months is that miracles are about the desired affect happening- not the how. The how takes care of itself- the what is what youre grateful for- which miraculously shows up.

More soon!