Sunday, June 14, 2015

Re introduction

I am Crystal Okorie, I am a model, fitness expert and trainer, actress, strategic marketer, and financial analyst. I am from Washington, DC and I moved to NYC after graduating from college. My work since then has been primarily beauty, fitness, product developmet, design and marketing in addition to my modeling.

There are a lot of things that have shaped my four years in New York, a large portion upon reflection have a lot to do with my ex. Or rather, based off of my decision to shape my plans and wishes around my ex. I want to jump right into this post in outlining some thoughts and concepts that will help you understand me and my future post.

For the most part, I think of myself as highly evaluative
. I like to know and understand how my actions have shaped my present, reflect on them and share my insights- good and bad to individuals so they can better
themselves and make better decisions- you know and avoid some of my mistakes.

Second, I don’t think that any persons advice or life circumstances can be taken as the Almighty Truth of Life. What works for some, might not work, or be the right choice for others. Likewise, what someone or even many are incapable of doing, may not be impossible for you or other special individuals, as history has taught us.

I am a proud supporter of stay in your OWN DAMN LANE- cause the world needs more of that.

Third, Im the nicest person with an attitude you will ever encounter. I hate bullshit. I am aware for every good person in the world, there’s a rotten individual making it hard for everyone else, who has to shoulder their shit, make peace, and be good kind individuals despite dealing with said aforementioned a –hole.

This is the internet, and this is my writing- i.e my inner dialogue. Frankly, its not healthy to suck it up and be nice twice- for all I know- the writing will be the softer wake up call for nasty individuals to change, or perhaps inspire a backbone to your kindness.

Frankly, trying to censor myself has in large part been the reason for my writing breaks. Simply put- universal law- to thyself be true. Im a good person; I swear, I just don’t have time for cupcake talk all the time and I don’t want to bother.

Fourth: I will include a relationship section. Highlights really I learned from my 5 year relationship and interviews from other women and men. There really is such a thing as bad people when it comes to relationships and I’ve noticed that there are not many writings or conversations about why that is, how to know, and why getting out of it and being ok with setting a standard to not engage with certain people is perfectly OK. As women and even males, I think a need to be perceived as being fair and unpretentious is the cause of accepting such people into our lives.

To cut it briefly, your selling yourself short. And if I have to draw out from experience why dropping deadweight is important. I will. Yes, in some cases, case studies are necessary.

Finally, men are welcome are welcome here. I love you guys, this is not a male bash site at all- if it seems like it- its not.