Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How are you living?

I think anytime you seek to fully understand something, you allow yourself to define the pre-existing terms of that reality.

What exactly is a blog, and how do we define for ourselves what it is meant to be?

I could google the answer to that question, but afterwards, my hypothesis will dictate what I search to validate my stance and statement, presupposing I choose to impose a created viewpoint and theory.

That is the scientific method, taught and utilized to test and prove theories into conclusions.

In many ways that works for physical, chemical, and biological theories. The body of the universe has already been defined for us, we know it exists, and get much less say in whether or not gravity exists, but for sociological, mental, and personal theories; the solutions and answers become much more malleable.

Our personal motivations become that much more objective, rather than subjective.

Things like racism can be rationalized, justified, or outright condemned.

Its interesting because with the human element, what is right, and the defining ramifications of it can change dramatically, person to person, based on geographic, histrionically; albeit self made.

The only defining method for socio/psychological theories within the human context, is whether or not others agree.

So then comes a question for you, whose ideas and notions are you living in?

How and why did you choose to believe and act upon those things?

Is it peaceful, useful, does it serve you, others, anybody really?

I'm not going to superimpose my beliefs on you in this post, I only serve to make you reflect briefly on these things.

Or perhaps later; deeply on these things.

May it help you define and create something beautifully; and alert you in the inherent blindness in our lives we can occasionally live in.