Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Namaste as Our Souls Transcend Time

Why I let him go.

I had to let you go.
For your benefit and mines.
See I know you drive a hard bargain

and youll appreciate this in time

I cant stop you from the porn
the app that lets you seek out nude girls in your neighborhood

No, to fight you for them, would only lead to their resurface in time.

I couldnt fight you for your insecurity

And I couldnt let you continue to breed mines

All the ways I was right for you

You will appreciate in time

I had to reject you
I had to reject you this time
See you rejected something deep within me

It was what was good for you
So the shadow rejected me-
That's why.

And if I stayed the shadow would have destroyed it in time.
In days to come, you will yearn for me.

And will remember the part of me that was saved and divine
It is those parts you will remember
And you will change for the better in time

But I must reject you
I must reject you and heres why

Theres a beautiful life for me and you

And I have to ensure mines

The good in me will attract the good in you

But only if I respect it- and heres why

My soul recognizes the soul in you

It will all make sense in time

I dont know if I am meant for you
I am meant for you at this time

Our souls were meant to cross and grow

But for the long haul, I dont know if it is to reconnect with mines

My soul recognizes the soul in you

I love you deeply at this time

But for my soul to bring out the best in you

We must both grow and heres why

I have to reject you after you have rejected me

So that in truth your soul will fill in and remove its dark parts

I have to remove myself for you- because staying will create a soul struggle
And the risk of my shadows becoming greater than before are too great a threat

So I offer you this reconciliation in time

As I walk away from you at this present stance

If your soul purges and reemerges at an opportune time

To meet mine

Later in time

Namaste to a love

A love that transcended time

Photo: Art on the Edge14
Photographers: Zdravo abd Shalili
Model: Crystal Okorie