Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Its Over

One more for the road

Get mad

Real mad

Post about it on twitter

Talk about it on social media

Think about it and let it simmer

How you looked for an enemy

An enemy that truly lies deep within you

How you focused on me

But I didnt focus on you

But I did pause,

Pause to notice where all this unnecessary energy was coming from

Some people call it envy

I call it, your loss

We can do this one more time for the road

But afterwards I have to get started on my calling

And I'll make sure security hinders your following me

Because this is really getting old

I did appreciate the break

I did find watching you entertaining

And then I caught on

How far off path it had gotten

I should have left you to self destruct

Im sure youve made yourself a life long enemy

Im not sure if I can shake you off

I put this one up in prayer

Lord bind those who come against me from now on


Youre on your own